BBC Four Broadcasts ‘Unbuilt Britain’ this week

Britiain’s landscape would have been very different indeed if some of the most extravagant architecture pieces had been built. BBC Four are airing the first episode of a six part series entitled ‘Dreaming the Impossible: Unbuilt Britain’ which will reveal exactly what our land could have looked like.

One revolutionary design which will be featured on the programme will be Geoffrey Jellicoe’s Motopia concept also know as the ‘glass city of the future’. This would have revolutionised the way we travelled around a city where cars would travel along rooftops.

The series will detail plans all the way back from 1666 whereby Christopher Wren, planned to transform London after the Great Fire.

Don’t miss the opportunity to know all about some of the grandest designs never to be built. Watch on BBC Four 12 August 2013 at 9pm.

World Architecture day to hit the Big Apple

World Architecture Day was first launched last year in London, and after being a great success it is back this year! This time it will be hosted in the infamous Big Apple – also known as New York.

Kicking off on the 6th October 2013 for a three day sprint, the event gives a chance for architects, planners, engineers, developers and designers to come together in order to exchange ideas, showcase innovative award winning work and also discuss new business ventures.

It will be the perfect time for New York to host the event as it will coincide with Archtober. This is a month long celebration of New York architecture and design which happens annually every October.

Day 1 – 6th

This day will consist of looking around at Manhattan’s most iconic buildings such as the Empire State building. This will give those who attend a chance to reflect upon these landmarks and how they have shaped the city that exists today. The first day of this event will end celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Centre for Architecture, one of the world’s most vibrant cultural institutions and home to AIANY.

Day 2 – 7th

The second day will hold the official celebration for World Architecture Day. Activities will include a mixture of presentations and debates. The prime focus for the discussion will be entitled ‘towards 8 Billion – housing the next generation’. The aim of this conference will be to rethink relationships with the environment and to deliver sustainable, cost effective solutions to the current global housing crisis.

Day 3- 8th

And finally, this day will centre around looking at the future of architecture and engineering. The attendees will visit a selection of studios and practices around Manhattan to discuss the latest innovations.

The overall agenda of World Architecture Day is to promote visionary ideas, and to revolutionise the way we design.